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Movie name: Grudge Match
Release Date: 27 December, 2013
Cast : Kim Basinger, Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone    
Certificates : PG 13    
Director : Peter Segal, Robert De Niro, Tim Kelleher    
Genres : Comedy, Sports

Click Here >>>>>> Watch Grudge Match Online Free

Click Here >>>>>> Watch Grudge Match Online

After this, two (or more) members of the Grudge Match Staff write their commentary on who they believe would win, in the form of an organized debate. First one commentator argues why his pick would win, then the second rebuffs the first and provides his own arguments, then the first debates further, and finally the second wraps it up. The commentary is analytical but often delves into nit-picking, bizarre cross-referencing, and personal jabs.

After the commentary, the viewer is encouraged to vote on their choice to win. They are also given the option to write in their own insights on the match. These comments could be straightforward analyses, rants, songs and poetry, play-by-plays; nearly anything goes. Comments favoring either contestant are welcome, regardless of who wins.

When the next Grudge Match is declared, the outcome (according to the votes) of the previous Grudge Match is revealed, and the best viewer comments are published. Both the outcome and comments become permanent parts of the site archives.Grudge Match was invented in 1995 by Cornell University students Steve Levine and Brian Wright. Steve and Brian operated the site by themselves (with an occasional guest commentator) until 1998, when they brought the site to an end. A while later, a group of regular viewers called the STGF (Save the Grudge Foundation) created a site called "Ground Zero" to continue the Grudge Match tradition with new fights, with Steve and Brian's blessing.